Who Are We ?

In its pursuit of generating evidence to inform the planning and policy making process and contributing to improving the health system performance, the Federal Ministry of Health decided to setup and institutionalize the Sudan Health Observatory Section as part of the Department of Health Information, Research & Evidence.



The overall goal of the Sudan Health Observatory (SHO) is to provide information and knowledge in support of evidence-based health policymaking and planning. The specific objectives of the SHO are to:

  1. Information base: To develop and enable access to the information-base necessary for supporting the policy formulation process.
  2. Knowledge-base: To provide a platform for sharing knowledge and intelligence and networking
  3. To facilitate policy dialogue and provide a platform for policy analyses.
  4. To provide access to data and information on health status, activities and outcomes.
  1.  To promote use of information resulting into improved quality and access to information.



The expected contribution of the Observatory is the networked integration of different sources, sharing key contents of information and methods already existing among the varied health information, disease specific information, and surveillance and monitoring systems.

The functions of the SHO will be:

  1. Provide up-to-date accurate and quality information of the national health care system dynamics, health situation developments and trends.
  2. Be a reliable source of information for descriptive, analytical and prescriptive work on specific health system issues.
  3. Serve as a powerful tool for advocacy, and collection and publishing of reports as well as documentation of best practices.
  4. Act as a knowledge network for dissemination of information and establishment of links with regional and international observatories, institutions, organizations and researchers.
  5. Generate and promote evidence-based health policy making and planning.