Ultrasound pattern in patients referred from medical department to ultrasound departmen t in Soba University Ho spital (Sep. 1996 - Aug . 1997) .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Mudawi, El Tag Mohamed Ibrahim .

Abstract: A retrospective study was conducted in Soba University Hospital from Sep. 1996 to Aug. 1997, (1) to study U/S pattern referred from medical department, (2) To identify correlation between U/S and clinical diagnosis (3) To identify correlation between U/ department two hundred eighty two, patients were selected from all patients in medical department and their U/S records were compared with their clinical data and final data was analyzed with their clinical data and final data was analyzed. The pattern in the study similar to that written in literature except a few cases such as granulomas, portal vein thrombosis and collateral circulation in patients with schistosomiasis. PHT (19.8 percent) appear to be the commonest cause of referring due to prevalence of schistosomiasis, followed b renal diseases (18.8 percent), diabetes mellitus (10.9 percent), liver diseases (9.9 percent), and arterial hypertension (6.5 percent, the sensitivity of U/S in detection of PHT was (71.4 percent), liver diseases other than PHT (71.4 percent) renal diseases (66 percent), Specificity in PHT was (96.4 percent), liver diseases (98 percne), and renal diseases (96 percent). In the stuey, U/S played important role in evaluation of liver diseases, PHT renal diseases, GB diseases and gave a clue in diabetes, arterial hypertension, anaemia and malaria.