Toxicity of Senna obtusifolia fresh and fermented leaves (kawal), Senna alata leaves and some products from Senna alata on rats.


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Yagi, S.M..El Tigani, S..Adam, S.E.I..

Abstract: S. obtusifolia (Cassia obtusifolia) leaves are used in Sudan in traditional medicine and the fermented leaves (kawal) are used as a food. The toxic effects of fresh and fermented leaves of S. obtusifolia, S. alata (C. alata) leaves, and the ethanol extract and pure compounds (emodin, kaempferol, aloe-emodin and rhein) isolated from S. alata, were investigated in albino rats. Leaves of both S. obtusifolia and S. alata caused marked toxic effects in rats. Processing (by fermentation) of leaves of S. obtusifolia to produce kawal did not alter the toxicity of the leaves. The ethanol extract and compounds isolated from S. alata caused subtle hepatorenal toxicity. It was suggested that the anthraquinones have a mechanism of synergistic action when used collectively as present in the leaves. (13 ref.) .