Therapeutic effect of interferon-gamma gene transfer in experimental visceral leishmanias is.


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Taylor, A.P..Murray, H.W..

Abstract: To further characterize the therapeutic role of interferon (IFN)-gamma in host defense against intracellular Leishmania donovani (1 Sudan strain), the efficacy of IFN-gamma delivered by gene transfer was tested. One week after inoculation with 1.5 X 107 L. donovani amastigotes, normal and IFN-gamma gene-disrupted (GKO) BALB/c mice were injected with an IFN-gamma gene-bearing mammalian expression plasmid (pIFN). Plasmid-specific IFN-gamma transcripts were detected in liver and spleen. Whereas liver parasite burdens more than doubled in untreated and mock-treated normal and GKO mice during the subsequent 2 weeks, animals injected with pIFN had controlled visceral infection and reduced parasite burdens. It is suggested that, in infected tissues, IFN-gamma delivered by gene transfer enhances control over disseminated intracellular infection. (15 ref.) .