The prevalence of occupational, work-related diseases and accidents in Khartoum State Industrial Areas: Sudan 1995 .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: El Bari, Awad El Bari Abdullahi .

Abstract: This descriptive study was conducted in Khartoum Central Foundry, El Roubi Accumulator Factory, Khartoum Spinning and Weaving Factory and Arabic Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company in Khartoum and Khartoum North Industrial Areas in Khartoum State in the year 1995 to determine the prevalence of occupational, work-related diseases and accidents and to assess the hazardous agents in these factories. The occupational diseases studied were: heat stress, hearing impairment, byssinosis and lead intoxication while the work-related diseases were chronic bronchitis, hypertension, locomotor diseases and psychosocial problems at work and home. Environmental measurements were carried out in all the factories except El Roubi accumulator factory which had stopped working at the time of measurement due to the shortage of the raw materials. Workers in Khartoum Central Foundry were subjected to high heat levels mainly in the ferrous, copper and maintenance sections (WBGT ranged from 26.3 plus or mines 0.6 ??C to 28.9 plus or mines 2.5 ??C). All sections of Khartoum spinning and weaving factory were hot (WBGT ranged from 26.0 plus or mines 1.2 ??C to 32.2 plus or mines 1.1 ??C) while in Arabic Sudanese vegetable oil company, the WBGT level ranged between 27.3 plus or mines 0 ??C and 31.4 plus or mines 1.4 ??C. The most noisy section in Khartoum Central Foundry was the ferrous section [with a mean noise level 89.4 plus or mines 8.8 dB (A)]. In the whole foundry 36.8 percent of the workers examined audiometrically had hearing impairment. In Khartoum Spinning and Weaving Factory the mean noise level measurements in all sections ranged between 86.0 plus or mines 1.1 dB (A) to 96.3 plus or mines 2.8 dB (A) where the most noisy section was the weaving section. The hearing impairment in the whole factory was 34.8 percent. The noisy sections of the Arab Sudanese Vegetable Oil Company were the presser, the new oil refinery and the soap sections with a mean noise level ranging from 86.8 plus or mines 2.3 dB (A) to 88.2 plus or mines 5.4 dB (A) where hearing impairment was recorded among 41.7 percent of the workers. Byssinosis prevalence in Khartoum Spinning and Weaving Factory as a whole was 23 percent (8.7 percent, 7.7 percent and 6.6 percent in the spinning, preparation and weaving sections respectively) where the mean cotton dust concentrations ranged between 0.90 .