The patterns of Myasthenia gravis in adult Sudanese seen at Khartoum and Shaab Teachi ng Hospitals .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Abu Kunna, Abdel Rhman Mohammed Ahmed .

Abstract: This study was carried out to know the patterns of myasthenia gravis in Sudanese patients seen at Shaab teaching hospital and Khartoum teaching hospital. It was carried out on 35 patients in the period from January 1997 to June 1998. It was found that females are affected more than males with a ratio of 3:2 it was found that most of the females are affected before the age 30 years whil most of the males are affected after this age. It was found that (42.85 percent) of patients belong to north Sudan tribes, (37.15 percent) to West Sudan tribes and 20 percent to central Sudan tribes, and no one from east or south Sudan tribes. It was found that the most common symptoms of the disease are ptosis (82.8 percent) and fatigue (77.1 percent). It was found that deep tendon reflexes are normal in (45.2 percent), increased in (37.1 percent) and decreased in (8.5 percent) of patients. It was also found that (17.14 percent) of patients had associated thyrotoxicosis, (7.58 percent) had associated diabetes mellitus and (2.86 percent) of patients had an associated rheumatoid arthritis. The mortality among the patients was found to be (5.7 percent).