The pattern of Guillian barre syndrome in Sudan .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Ali, Mutasim Osman .

Abstract: This study was designed to study the pattern of GBS in patients referred to Khartoum Teaching Hospital and to the neurology clinic in El Shaab Teaching Hospital. The association of an antecedent malaria and Guillian Barre Syndrome was also studied. 36 patients were seen in the study period between January 1996- January 1998. Most patients presented with an acute onset disease and the facial nerves were affected in only 50 percent. The middle age group were commonly affected. Almost all patients showed remarkable improvement during the follow up period which lasted for a minimum of 8 weeks. Respiratory failure was associated with poor prognosis. Nerve conduction studies showed axonal degeneration and mixed neuropathy in 50 percent of cases. A statistically significant association between an antecedent malaria and Guillian Barre Syndrome was found. Malaria was diagnosed in 36.1 percent of our series in the 4 weeks preceding the onset of Guillian Barre syndrome and in 19.4 percent during stay in hospital, while it was diagnosed in only 10 percent of a general neurology cases excluding Guillian Barre syndrome admitted during the study period.