The effects of oral contraception on lipid metabolism using marvelon in Sudanese women .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Mohamedein, Ali Mohamed .

Abstract: A clinical trial was performed in 31 sudanese women using the desogestrel and 30 ug Ethinylestradiol. The aim was to study the effects on lipid metablism. The high density lipoprotein was significantly raised after 4 months (p less than 0.05). The levels of low density lipoprotein and total cholesterol were raised but not significantly. The atherogenic indices were also raised but the ride was not significant. Triscylglycerol and very low density lipoprotein were reduced but the reduction was also not significant. (P greater than 0.05). The effect of Marvelon on blood pressure and weight was also not significant. The cycle control was good. There was no pregranncy in the study group during pill use. All the side effects like nausea, vomiting, headache dizziness, breast discomfort and vaginal discharge decreased with continued use. Some patient admitted a sensation of wellbeeing during pill use .