The diagnostic yield of upper and lower gastro-intestinal endoscopic procedures at Ibn Sin a Hospital over 10 yea rs (1987 - 1997) .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: El Musbaraf, Hisbam Ali .

Abstract: It aims to compare the results of the upper and lower endoscopic fingings over a period of 10 years with similar studies from other national and international centres. The study is designed by reviewing the data obtained from files of patients who underwent oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy, digmoidoscopy and colonoscopy at Ibn Sina Hospital. Age, sex, ethnic origin, residence and occupation were identified. A total of 10.080 upper and lower endoscopic procedures have been reviewed over this period and classified according to standard criteria. The showed that results in upper endoscopic procedures, 5090 of 8372 pathologies were identified. Peptic ulcer was found in 14.62 percent, Oesophageal varices in 11.35 percent, Oesophagitis in 8.52 percent, Gastritis in 7.46 percent, Duodenitis in 8.82 percent. Cancer of the oesophagus was the leading malignancy 2.9 percent. In the lower endoscopic procedures, 859 of 1704 pathologies were identified. Inflammatory and infective conditions were the leading findings 13.24 percent, non-specific coolitis was found in 6.94 percent, ulcerative colitis in 3.28 percent and Crohns disease in 0.58 percent. The affection with adenomatous polyp was 7.33 percent, colo-rectal cancer 7.10 percent and other gastro-intestinal diseases in 15.72 percent. We conclude that gastro-intestinal endoscopy provide early diagnosis of gastro-intestinal diseases and our results are comparable to the national figures and other African and Arab countries bearing resemblance to the Sudan .