Pattern of skin biopsies in Khartoum state .


Research type: Research Paper

Authors: Osman, Mohamed Mohamed .

Abstract: This is a descriptive study, which has been conducted in Khartoum State in the period between January and December 1997. It has been preceded by a pilot retrospective study for all skin biopsies dealt with in N.L.H and histopathology department S.U.H. between 2/1/1997 and 31/12/1997. 63 biopsies were analyzed 47 at NHL and 16 at S.U.H. The male to female ratio was about 2:1 with a mean of 37.8 years. Most of the biopsies were from benign lesion "51 cases" 80.05 percent and only 8 cases were turned out to become malignant. No abnormality was found in 4 cases and they were considered as normal. In the benign lesions nonspecific chronic dermatitis was found to comprise 30.16 percent of the whole study group, about 12 cases. followed with 5 cases of leprosy, 4 cases of haemangioma and 3 cases of psoriasis. Two cases were found for each of viral warts, bullous lesions, vasculitis benign cysts and corn. Only one case of lichen planus, condyloma accuminatum, acute folliculitis, scleroderma, keratoacanthoma, and imtradermal nevus was detected in the whole study group. For the malignat group the majourity was S.C.C. (4 cases) and the kaposis sarcoma in 2 cases. One case for both malignant melanoma and mycosis fungoides. No case of BCC was detected in the study group.